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About Me

My name is Tore Stenbock, a technology enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, and optimist, and currently a co-founder and CTO of Stockholm-based startup Eljun. At Eljun, we want to challenge the status quo in the energy sector and disrupt the way energy is produced, transported, and consumed by using decentralization, cloud, and automation to push the value-chain closer to the consumer. Only through the sum of each of us, each of our individual efforts, can we be the solution to the urging climate changes of the world. Shortly, we belive that if the energy infrastructure was to be built from scratch today, this is the way it should be been done. Previously, I have been part of three early stage startups one as co-founder and two as first hire. My education is Bachelors in Electrical Engineer from Toronto, Canada, and Masters in Communication Engineering from Gothenburg, Sweden. Prior to my entrepreneurial career, I was a Portfolio Intrapreneur at Ericsson leading development of Automation, AI/ML, Cloud Native, and Blockchain.

Welcome to my site. Please reach out if you want to chat. If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies and want to buy me a coffee, look for the "" under my profile picture.

  • Nationality Norwegian
  • Residence Stockholm, Sweden
  • Education M.Sc. in Eng.
  • Occupation Entrepreneur
Fun Facts
2 years professional ice-hockey
Industry award winner
10 000+ cups of coffee
Lived in 5 countries
2020.01 - Present
Co-founder and CTO

As CTO I am responsible for the technology maturity of the company's services and establishing a strong development team leading the progress from idea to prototype to product. As Co-Founder I am responsible together with my companions for the continuous progress of the company financially, structurally, and culturally landing 3M SEK in public funding and closing private equity funding to ensure a strong continuation of realizing the company's vision and mission.

2019.03 - Present
Co-founder and CEO

We are on a mission to unlock the full potential of a hyperconnected and value driven world by using Blockchain, Web3 technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. At Blockpayd, we realize that there’s a vast amount of untapped value by the nature of markets in silos. Our mission is to enable a single marketplace not bound by the power of middle men, or geographics, or demographics, or distrust, but a boundaryless, self-controlled, and self-organized ecosystem. Digital twins created and recorded on the owner’s self-accord can be bundled with other digital twins through enforceable smart contracts creating small and simple self-regulated organizations. By allowing trustable and transparent bundling of verifiable offers, the value chain can be practically infinitely large.

We believe that by fulfilling our mission, we can propel our planet and society towards a more sustainable, equitable, and trusted living.

2017.11 - 2019.03
Portfolio Developer and Intrapreneur
Business Area Managed Services - Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Investigate internal processes and ways of working and proposing new methodologies better for rapid innovation as observed in the industry. Key driver of the Managed Services Innovation Centers, as showcased at MWC’18, and currently main driver of the creation of OpenWorks, the SkunkWorks of Managed Services.

Continuously maintain relationships with sales force and integrate a feedback loop into portfolio management.

Owner of ongoing creation of next generation managed services offering of blockchain technologies. Activities involves market analysis, competitive landscaping, inter-department relationships, value propositions, service descriptions, marketing material, service delivery strategy, and acquiring portfolio counsel buy-ins, and more.

2017.04 - 2017.11
Early Career Program Assignment
Business Area Managed Services - Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Assignment abroad for the IT Offerings and Industrialization team in Ericsson Managed Services to drive the construction of a new type of Cloud lab environment and develop its business case, aid in market analysis and early investigations of new potential services areas, and support Global Engagement Directors in various customer engagements.

2016.08 - 2017.04
System Developer and Team Scrum Master
Business Area Digital Services - Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Driving force in a new Cloud project initiation contributing with proposal documents, project management, budget/cost/personnel estimations, and stakeholder interactions. Ensure positive progress of my team, coordinate with stakeholders, and enforce Lean and Agile ways of working as a Scrum Master for a Cloud development team. Member of development team developing firmware upgrade software for Ericsson's Hyperscale Datacenter Hardware.

2015.06 - 2015.08
Summer Intern and Researcher
DLR - Munich Area, Germany

In maritime communications a new VHF digital communication system (VDES) is currently jointly designed and standardized for terrestrial and satellite communications. The predicted time schedule of the ITU foresees first products to be launched in 2016. Two key challenges exist in the downlink, first not harming the already existing system of the spectrally close automatic identification system (AIS) and second the co-existence of the satellite and the measures to reduce the out-of-band emissions on an acceptable level for the different waveforms. Key tasks were; literature review of multicarrier waveforms and known counter-measures for out-of-band emissions, and implementing algorithms in software (Java) and analyzing the performance of these counter-measures (metrics are e.g. the out-of-band emission power or required overhead of additional signals)

2013.12 - 2014.04
IT Consultant
Fibreworks Consulting AS - Halden, Norway

Helped develop system allowing for planning routes and run services from a single interface. Increase efficiency by providing automatic suggestions to the client through advanced analysis. Help create two Android applications enhancing the functionality of the Raftic system.

2011.05 - 2013.07
System Developer
ANAI Global Technologies - Toronto, Canada

Designed and programmed a C program that effectively allows a server, used by ANAi Global, to receive and parse information sent to it through TCP/IP. Created multiple php modules ranging from a custom file management portal to PDF creation. Created numerous Android applications acting as an access point for the ANAi Cloud technology allowing users to create and edit information contained on the Cloud. Maintained professional documentation of completed work and work under progress.

Graduated 2016
Masters of Science in Communications Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology - Gothenburg, Sweden

Communications Systems. Probability and Statistics. Analog and Digital Communications. Image Analysis.

Graduated 2016
ERASMUS Exchange
Institute of Eurecom - Sophia Antipolis, France

Machine Learning. Network Modeling. Software/Application Development. Leadership. Management.

Graduated 2013
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
Ryerson University - Toronto, Canada

Programming. Circuits. Systems. Physics. Calculus. Communications. Sensors.

My Publications
Published October 2015
Physical layer design towards VHF data exchange (VDE) links

Link: IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

Published July 2017
Low-latency MEC framework for SDN-based LTE/LTE-A networks

Link: IEEE International Conference on Communications

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